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From having performed at prestigious ceremonies like the IIFA Awards, the opening and closing ceremonies of the commonwealth games, and World Series Hockey and World Kabaddi, he has won hearts with amazing remixes of Pink Lips, Desi Chhokre, Hangover and many more. He is the programmer of the song that is a rage with the teenagers- ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyaan’ and has also done the theme for Singham returns. Another feather in his cap is his most recent performance on the opening for KORN with a mix of house and new age rock music, held at Gurgaon's Leisure Valley grounds.

He totally lives up to the title conferred to him by the Times Of India of being ‘The Concert DJ of India’ and also winning the JAI national award for the best DJ in India (2010) humbles him. Sumit believes in working hard, and partying harder! He does more than 300 shows a year and has a concept based Dj Dhol Band, the only one in India called BUZZ FUNK. He also played at the EEMA Conference in Delhi and Goa and recently performed in Berlin for Sony entertainment. The list just goes on and on.

If that is not all, Sumit Sethi has set a record of playing for almost 20 hours, at the world’s longest- running dance party, that went on for 55-hrs non-stop, and was accompanied by 9 other top Dj’s from INDIA. This achievement has been recorded in the Book of records. With international exposure and performances for music lovers at exotic destinations like Jakarta, Bali, Australia, Milan, Turkey, China and Thailand, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius, Berlin and America. He has also had played twice for the prestigious Wills Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week. He is also performed for the SIGNATURE SEVEN SINS INDIA TOUR in seven cities.

He has entertained the youngsters by playing in a number of college fests in Delhi and many more cities in India. He has performed at the biggest Youth festival in India called HT Youth Nexus and Times Youth

This rocking DJ has set the dance floor ablaze at one of the hottest night clubs in Delhi called ‘Steel’ (Hotel Ashok Delhi) and done guest nights at various night clubs like, Dublin (Maurya Sheraton, Delhi), BUZZ (DELHI AND DLF), SHANGRILA, Underground (KOLKATTA), Ahala (Hyderabad), Mambos (Goa), Enigma (MUMBAI),HYPE (MUMBAI),Whare House (Chandigarh), ELEVATE for the World’s Music Day, Copper club (Chandigarh) Xrossover, Babylon (Raipur), Voodo,THE ROAD (MYSORE), GLOW (COCHIN), Jakarta, Bounty (Bali), 808 RCA, IBIZA , BLACK (BANGKOK) ,INDO CHINE, Supper club Bangkok , to name a few.

And if a man cannot entertain enough, he has been the perfect host and entertainer at Big Indian weddings of the likes of Mr. Gautam Gambhir, The Munjal family, the Oswal family,TDI and many more.

DJ Sumit Sethi is the perfect amalgamation of heart and mind, with music at the soul. He can make any event come to life with his brilliant creative surges and continues to win the hearts of millions across the globe.