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A very vigorous and adroit DJ inbred in Mumbai. SHAMELESS MANI. A devouring interest in Music quickly evolved into an uncontrollable passion for DJing/Producing.

"Music is the strongest form of Magic." - SHAMELESS MANI.

Sought after by India’s hottest clubs and followed relentlessly by loyal fans, SHAMELESS MANI is one of India’s busiest DJs and a Brand in the making. Mani’s versatility is what makes him unique, bringing you fresh new sounds from around the world and mixing them with the familiar to capture an essence entirely his own.
His gift as an entertainer is bringing together diverse audiences by tailoring each party based on its unique vibe. And even if he’s busy touring and gigging throughout the Country or working in the studio on his latest mix, SHAMELESS MANI makes sure his sets are always tight and fresh. Voted as one of the BEST HIP-HOP DJ'S in India; SHAMELESS MANI is very popular figure in the Nightlife scene across the Country playing at India's various distinguished Nightclubs.

He perfectly caters to what the Crowd wants and plays Multiple Genres.

Genre -Hip-Hop, Trap, Moombahton, Dancehall, Twerk