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The  shaking  world  of  music  at  present  doesn’t  see  any  barrage.  Creativity  and  passion create  their  own  fusions  and  people  just  smack  the  older  things  away  as  soon  as  a  newer breathe  is  brought  into… “Many”  rock  the  parties  and  “more than  many”  just believe in living those  cumulative instants.  Yes,  music  believes  in  making  people  live  and  the  composers are  the  something  already  well-noted…… That’s  a  tougher  task  but  the  world,  as  we  all know,  is  never  content  and  we always  want  more  –  hence  an  effect more  to reproduce  it  in a  different  style,  an  experiment  to  represent  it  in  a  different imagination………  JUST DON’T STOP BANGING. 

DJ HARSH BHUTANI is a music-machine:  you name it and he produces it out of his “music software’s” Bollywood, pop, house, psy-chill,  lounge, Asian underground and what not… His music becomes food for both heart and soul. Light, sound, drinks, high hills and short robes, expensive perfumes and l big brands, beach or desert, underground or terrace, cool winter or rainy bonanza, he throws his parties into an extravaganza that never could be attained by anyone else. This unique style makes him a singular player of his sort and his fame flies across the globe: His masterpieces are always boomed “once more” in the popular clubs of UK, Europe , USA, Dubai, Mauritius, China,  & all over the world. He has charmed every throbbing spot in India.   

All this at such tender an age is due to the dynamism that he carries and hard work that he practices. Very professional in his work, he takes cares of even a minute job with equal attention. His fans hence call him a perfect arm of music where no defaults have space. Girls cry ‘Oh! My! Gosh!’ & guys salute to this ‘cool dude’ who’s on the eminent list of Delhi, Kanpur, Jaipur, Goa, Bangalore,  Chennai, Kolkata ,  etc. “personalities branches” & a prominent name in Indian club milieu.   

DJ Harsh has, on many occasions, accompanied some of the grand names & the most achieving DJs of India such as DJ AQEEL,DJ AKBAR SAMI,DJ SUNNY SARID,DJ SUKETU,DJ NYK etc. & others.  Some of them have appreciated his talent immensely & do play lots of his numbers while their party performances.