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A Celebrity DJ,Official Dj of Extraaa Innings IPL 7, jury member 4 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 16' and 17'. Paroma has always been fond of music right since she was a kid when she used to see her elder brother listen to M.J., Madonna, etc. She started flying as an air hostess at a very early age which gave her the opportunity to visit different night clubs in different cities and study the music culture there respectively.

Back in the days whenever she went out clubbing she would know what the dj was doing, right or wrong in terms of mixing tracks together. After a bit, she decided to quit her job as an air hostess and took up a career in what she was the most passionate about which was being a disc Jokey.
Then, after some R&D, she joined Livewires institute at Andheri in October 2010. her teacher DJ Bob Omulo taught her a great deal of what is there to teach about music. From where she realized that this was the true field which was meant to take her a long long way!!
From there onwards she has gone on to play in some of the best venues and cities in India, for both private and club events.
Music is what she breathes , eats and sleeps and her goal is to make the whole world move to her beats one day.
She has enjoyed playing in all the clubs and events, she loves to see her audience happy and screaming for more every time she starts to spin her tunes. Always gets a positive response which in turn keeps her moving on in the industry at a rapid level to the top.

2014-15 --> 2nd Runner up for Best Bollywood Dj (My Fav Awards)
2015-16 --> 1st Runner Up for Best Bollywood Dj (My Fav Awards)