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The beginning was tough to say the least. In those days there were very few DJ’s around let alone any established body for teaching the finer nuances of DJing. CD’s were just introduced and were to gain momentum as the most widely accepted medium. That’s when he started playing with Magnetic Cassettes and started his mixing career. The major turnaround came with the advent of CD based DJ gear and he took on the new technology by equipping himself with a Degree in Sound Engineering & MIDI.

Armed with all the knowhow and the finer nuances of DJ’ing, this was the time when he commercially started to play at all the famous private gigs. This Kick started Paps career in the calendar year 1995. Soon he was suddenly seen everywhere making people dance to his infectious tunes mixed & remixed in his signature style of progressive sets, beat mixed to a perfect T. In early calendar year 1997, he was spotted by the management of the Numero Uno club ‘Nomads’ at Banjara hills. They knew they had a great DJ waiting to be noticed by the masses and took on the opportunity almost immediately and signed Paps as their resident DJ. This trail of great music & mixing continued as he played for the first ever channel [V] Party, 'The late nite’. His tunes got Channel [V] so infected that he was signed on for all the subsequent parties i Pune. As a result of this association he played for four of their parties spanning the length & breadth of Pune.

It was already the calendar year 2002 and remixes had started trickling in. The club sounds were slowly witnessing swift winds of change, partygoers tastes were changing and so was the music of Paps. This led to the first exclusive remix party mixed & served hot by none other than Paps, in Pune. He not only mixed these new sounds but was also instrumental in continuation of this trend. All the was followed with numerous private gigs for the discerning party animals.
Coming from a background of playing different genres all these years, now some new sounds in the name of Buddha bar/lounge were cropping up in the clubbing scene. People now wanted to enjoy more and relax in a club. Lounge culture had arrived in India and it was here to stay. This challenged Paps to conquer new fronts in club sounds. It was already the calendar year 2003, people across the world had started liking lounge music but here back in our country, club owners, promoters & DJ’s were still reluctant to start with dedicated lounge destinations. Paps believed in lounge tunes being the next wave so he decided to take the plunge and introduce this upcoming genre to the masses. That’s when he joined 'Toros', the first lounge bar in Pune as their resident DJ.

In the Year 2004 his interview was aired on Club V. He was the only DJ in Pune, on whom Channel [V] had shot and made an Episode. These series included interviews & brief discography of the featured artistes. The other DJ/producers interviewed were Paul Van Dyk, Ivan & Aqueel. It was covered by VJ's Yudi and Kim. As a return token of appreciation Paps composed a track called 'Ride in the Clouds’ especially for Channel [V] which earned rave reviews. The dance revolution continued..

Looking back on his accomplishments worried Paps no ends. His unending thirst was yet to be quenched. This uneasiness magically transformed into his debut album, consisting of all original compositions, named 'Koncept'. It earned rave reviews from all quarters including critic’s appreciating & congratulating him for all the smash hits.

Today he stands proud being played as a guest DJ in most of the renowned discotheques in India & Abroad for private gigs, spanning continents. Countries include Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, France.

Much loved by the white collar crowd from all the renowned companies like Infosys, WNS , AXA, Amdocs, Ventura, 3G, Synecron, Fujitsu consulting, Simens, IBM, Cognizant, Convergsys, BMC , Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Airtel , Idea cellular, etc. His DJ’ing skills keep on getting him all the parties of these companies.
He has also been regularly playing for sangeet parties & wedding functions across India.
Educational institutes like SIMS, Indira, Sinhagad, ISB&M, Bharti Vidyapeeth colleges , Dr. D.Y. Patil, MIT, etc. are calling on him every year for all their DJ requirements. He had also attended various events for judging the contestants in a wide variety of categories. Paps has also been playing for numerous inter-collegiate gigs.