8 Gadgets Every Music Lover Must Own

Posted on 31 Dec 2016

8 Gadgets Every Music Lover Must Own

Part of a music junkie’s plight is sourcing the proper tools for optimum consumption of beats. AIDC compiles an inventory of high eight inventions of electronic musical ingenuity of 2016, your essential bunch of gadgets ensures the elevation of your musical journey to new heights of soundscapes.

  1. Cassia Hub

Bluetooth speakers are awesome because they eliminate the need for the equally loved and hated aux cord. However, Bluetooth itself presently has solely 30-50 feet vary, rendering wireless devices unusable from any greater a distance. Cassia Hub was created to unravel that, most simply by extending Bluetooth range up to 1000 feet and allowing up to 22 devices to be paired with the Bluetooth router. This is a game-changer for home and cluster listening, so much so that it won Engaget’s ‘Best of CES 2016’ under the category of Connected Home Product.

 2. SleepPhones Harmony

I personally think this is the most practical and genius innovation I have ever been introduced to. SleepPhones area unit created by AcousticSheep LLC, which characterizes their products as "pajamas for your ears." They have won their 4th consecutive CES Innovation award with their newest addition, Harmony; headphones in a headband that are intended to help you sleep better. The wireless headphones eliminate the all-too-real struggle of trying to fall asleep to music no one else wants to hear and also has sleep sensors to track your sleeping patterns. Now, all you've got to try and do is place the soft band over your head and you’re on your thanks to catching sleep to the sound of music. Comfortably. It’s amazing. Along with their line of SleepPhones area unit RunPhones, that entail an equivalent idea of wireless headphones embedded in a very band, except for the purpose of physical activity.

 3. Vuzix iWear

Take your music video experience to the next level with iWear. This device is a high-end pair of video headphones featuring a field of view that translates to a 125” screen, basically creating a home theater right in front of your eyes. If you can get past how ridiculous the entire contraption looks when it’s worn, then it is definitely worth purchasing. Primarily meant for play, you'll read all forms of media on these headphones, and connecting is as easy as utilizing the built-in HDMI inputs.

 4. Seaboard RISE

Seaboard RISE, by ROLI, is “a revolutionary MIDI controller that is exceptionally expressive and easy to use,” according to its official website. This contrivance may be a fantastic choice for producers UN agency wish to require their instrumentality up a notch in quality. There are sensors all over the controller which allows the user to shape their sounds entirely through five dimensions of touch: strike, press, glide, slide, and lift.


These headphones debuted at CES claiming to be the “world’s safest headphones,” and what’s even more amazing is the fact that they were created by a 16-year old. KingsleyCheng, the brain behind AEGIS headphones, is “revolutionizing auditory safety” through this innovation with help from his father and co-founder, Rayman Cheng. With these headphones, safety is ensured in three parts. First, the equalizer processes sound so the utmost sound level doesn’t go higher than 85dB. Second, the active noise-canceling feature diminishes external noise up to 95%, and finally, the LED time indicator on the side of the headphones tracks listening time in multiple-hour segments. With the Kickstarter campaign reaching its goal by over 400%, consumers are clearly ready for this product to officially be on the market.

6. Decibullz

How many times have you tried to work out, or even just move your body from a standstill and your earbuds fall right out of your ears? With Decibullz, the likelihood of that problem diminishes greatly with their custom-molded earphones. The earbuds are made of a type of thermoplastic that becomes moldable when immersed in hot water, allowing you not only to customize your earbuds but also reshape them as often as you’d like. Their designs are not new to CES’ innovation awards, and nabbing another spot on the honoree list this year only reinforces how awesome the Decibullz’s products are.

7. DreamWave Venture

The venture is a festival fiend’s new best friend. It is the world’s initial and solely moveable Bluetooth speaker AND 2 approach radio, according to their website. The walkie-talkie feature is active up to a 3-mile range and can be connected with other walkie-talkies outside the Venture family, too. In a festival setting where service is often shoddy, Venture seems like a no-brainer investment toward better, safer festival experiences by offering a more reliable means of communication than phones with a Bluetooth speaker.

8. Aivvy Q

These headphones are smart. So smart, they apprehend what songs you prefer by learning what you fancy. As the initial “Internet of Things” headphones, the Aivvy Q is capable of gathering data based on songs you can “like” just by tapping the ear of the headphones. It then updates the present music library keep within the headphones with music that higher reflects your tastes, as it charges. It’s as if Pandora hopped into a combine of headphones, which is not a terribly far-fetched idea once you wrap your head around Aivvy Q’s full functionality.
This freelance music player additionally includes information of over forty million songs, permitting the device to contend not solely with different headphones on the market, however additionally with
other streaming services available.



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