Nritya Shastra - Bomb Bay

Nritya Shastra is an Album by Indian Electronic Music Genius Bomb Bay AKA DJ A.Sen. Nritya Shastra means "Sacred Scripture of Dance" and since the album signifies Dance Music, it derives the name. The Songs in the Album represent assorted genres viz Deep House, Future House, Future Bounce, Bigroom, Electro House, Bass House, Psychedelic Trance, Dubstep, Trap, whilst hinting at Indian Folk Music and Mantras. This Album ravages the universal electronic music perception and dispenses fresh vibes which are destined to be loved by all.

1. Avatar - Bomb Bay


2. Tillana - Bomb Bay


3. Let's Bounce - Bomb Bay


4. Tarana - Bomb Bay


5. Wobble - Bomb Bay


6. Shiva Trance - Bomb Bay


7. Ganesha Trance - Bomb Bay


8. Mantra - Bomb Bay


9.  Trap Da   Punjab - Bomb Bay


10.  Nagin - Bomb Bay




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