Top 10 EDM Songs of 2016

Posted on 31 Dec 2016

Top 10 EDM Songs of 2016

2016 was an eventful year for us. And we got the opportunity to listen to some of the finest tunes ever, in the world of EDM. We, at AIDC compiled a list of our top 10 tunes of 2016. Let us know which ones are your favorite.

Here we go…

  1. The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey 

The Chainsmokers, consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, are hands down the most successful EDM act today. The duo have quickly established themselves to be in that position since 2015 when their single “Roses” became a global hit. 

However, it was their single “Closer” that has really turned a lot of heads and made people want to discover more of their music–both of the older material and the new ones. The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” marks the very first time that the duo have had a single reach the Number 1 position in the Billboard Hot 100. It is also one of the most streamed songs of this year. Likewise, it continues to have one of the highest digital sales even as the year 2016 nearly comes to a close.The song is proving to have staying power and people are not getting tired of it yet as “Closer” is still on rotation on the radio and music channels.


  1. The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya

“Don’t Let Me Down” is a track by the very famous music production duo The Chainsmokers. The have got assistance from the 17-year old Daya to vocalize the track, which was written by Andrew Taggart (of The Chainsmokers), Emily Warren and Scott Harris. The track was released under Disruptor and Columbia Records. The song has been featured on music charts around the world, most of them breaking into top 10. In US, the song peaked at #3 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.


  1. Marshmello - Alone

Alone” is a classic Mello romp, opening with a plodding bass line that is shortly joined by a bouncy, synthesized melody. Marshmello delivers plenty of his signature brand of future bass, here filling the new release with screwed up vocal chops and pleasing sound design. The drops offer plenty of energy without sacrificing the upbeat vibes and chilled out melodies, and a catchy vocal croons “I’m so alone, try to find my way back home to you” during the breakdowns.
Overall, “Alone” serves as a strong debut for Marshmello on his new label and only helps to prove that Monstercat is the right home for the mystery producer.


  1. Alan Walker - Faded

IF you’ve haven’t heard Faded, the smash hit single from Norwegian EDM producer, Alan Walker, then there’s no doubt that you’ve been living under a rock. Alan released the song as an instrumental back in 2014 under the title Fade, however, he decided to speed it up and add vocals by the talented Iselin Solheim which launched it to newer heights. It has since topped charts in South Africa, Sweden, Finland and Norway while charting in countries such as Italy, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and many more. The production is rather simple yet gives off a different energy that has made it stand out of the crowd.

As with many EDM tracks, the lyrical content of the song is rather cheesy but it’s perfect, mindless pop to sing loudly in your car or at the club. What’s really impressive, however, is that Alan has released a worldwide smash at only 18 so we can only imagine how many more tricks he has up his sleeve over the next few years.


  1. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love

It felt like Martin Garrix became a superstar overnight with “Animals.” That track's staccato Dutch house melody rang boldly from every main stage at every major festival around the world. Three years later, and the now 20-year-old producer and DJ is still banging out the hits, but he's not afraid to switch up the style.

“In The Name Of Love” featuring the familiar and unique vocal stylings of Bebe Rexha, is a far cry from the hard-hitting, stomp-ready beat of his breakthrough. A good half of the song has no drums at all. A combination of piano, bass, and guitar strums provide percussion throughout demure verses, and when the chorus kicks in, Garrix gives it his best future house vibes.

It's a charming track, as delicate as it is clean. It's Garrix sharing his softer side. 


  1. DJ Snake - Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber

One of the biggest pop hits of the past few months is “Let Me Love You,” a slinky Justin Bieber collab that appears on French dance hitmaker DJ Snake’s album Encore. The track was already huge, and it’ll only get more huge now that it has a video. As it happens, this one follows the Weeknd’s “False Alarm” as the second big armed-robbery-themed pop video of the fall. In Snake’s video, director James Lees films a couple as they drive around in a classic muscle car, sticking people up while wearing Snake and Bieber masks. The video has a few plot twists, and it’s a fun ride.


  1. Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep

Upon his latest track’s release, Walker was on a constant rise to stardom as his breakthrough song was able to top numerous charts from across the globe and receive several platinum records.

With a lot of momentum in hand, Walker keeps the hot streak going with “Sing Me to Sleep”, which effectively solidifies his status as one of the most brilliant producers in the business. Similar to “Faded”, this new release consists of Walker’s signature progressive style. Featuring an impeccable combination of his breathtaking synths and blissful melodies, this track undoubtedly provides an unforgettable auditory experience from start to finish.

Along with the jaw-dropping instrumentals, the gorgeous vocals of this song are the perfect icing on the cake. Bringing the listeners through an emotional roller coaster ride, “Sing Me to Sleep”, overall, emphatically makes a statement in showcasing Walker’s undeniable musical prowess and will surely become another massive hit under the young Norwegian’s already impressive discography.

  1. Afrojack & Hardwell - Hollywood

Hardwell and Afrojack are two of the biggest and most recognizable names in EDM right now, and the two Dutch dance icons teamed up to deliver the first festival banger of 2016 called “Hollywood.” Hardwell and Afrojack have collaborated once before – on “Let the Attack Begin” in 2008, which was a vastly different landscape for mainstream EDM, and we’ve had our fingers crossed waiting for “Hollywood” ever since it was premiered at The Flying Dutchman earlier in 2015. While “Hollywood” is a typical big room track through and through, Hardwell and Afrojack integrate classic, big-room style horns for a high-energy banger that will light up the main stage of festivals around the world.

  1. KSHMR - Wildcard (feat. Sidnie Tipton)

If there’s one take home from KSHMR‘s latest track, it’s “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The former member of The Cataracts kicked his solo career off on a favorable note with his 2014 Tiësto collaboration, “Secrets,” and after a few less impactful releases he’s returned to that sound with “Wildcard.”

The seductive vocals of Sidney Tipton serve a comparable role to those of Vassy in “Secrets,” with a more instrumental buildup leading up to a similar progressive house drop. Even the trumpeting synth lead of “Wildcard” makes for a similar ambience, although its production elements have certainly been updated to a significant degree.

That said, while “Wildcard” is a stronger track than KSHMR’s last couple of releases, its similarities to “Secrets” are numerous enough to count as a strike against it. As capable of a producer as he’s proven to be, it shouldn’t be so difficult for KSHMR to stray just a little bit farther from the tried-and-true formula with similar success.

  1. The Chainsmokers - All We Know ft. Phoebe Ryan

The Chainsmokers have had big year.  After numerous hit singles – Roses” (2015) and Don’t Let Me Down” come to mind – The electro-pop production duo hit gold with no. 1 hit Closer.” Following up a record that recently spent its seventh week at no. 1 is tough.  That said, who is more equipped to do it than The Chainsmokers? The duo returns with “All We Know,” another potential hit enlisting assistance from singer/songwriter Phoebe Ryan. 

“All We Know” opens with guitar and some complementing electronics (synths, nothing too crazy). It Instantly contrasts mega-hit “Closer,” but isn’t a starkly different vibe.  The overall personnel are the same – female singer (Ryan instead of ROZES, Daya, or Halsey) and Andrew Taggart on vocals. The vocal mix is excellent with Ryan’s upper register contrasting Taggart’s lower register.


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